Fixed Assets Register

Fixed Asset Manager is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of assets in your business, whether you operate in the private or public sector.

Asset Manager automates all the necessary details about an Asset thus making it easy to track large number of Assets in organizations.

Features of Fixed Asset Manager include
  • Automated calculations for depreciation of a company’s Assets.
  • All depreciation methods namely: Straight line, Declining balance, Plant and Machinery are incorporated
  • Asset transfers among employees, departments, locations among others.
  • Tracking of Asset Disposals/Sales.
  • Asset Revaluation.
  • Ensure effective maintenance schedules for Assets within the organization.
  • Ensures accountability of Assets by employees as each is responsible for the Asset they are assigned.
  • Reduce administrative costs, time consumption and errors through policy automation.
  • Customization to suit the Asset policies of an Organisation
  • Maintenance of supplier and manufacturer details.
  • Warranty details for every Asset with a warranty.
  • Insurance details for every insured Asset.
  • Allow access across Local Area Network
  • Menu driven
  • User Roles can be defined so that specific Users access specific Data/Information.
  • Keep a complete audit log of changes made to sensitive data.

For more information about Fixed Assets Register download the brochure